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MUE est une courte expérience d'horreur à la première personne empreinte d'échos symboliques et d'une atmosphère à glacer le sang. Ce projet de synthèse universitaire a été réalisé en 4 mois en collaboration avec le NAD et le DIM.

En 1890, une jeune femme prénommée Alicia se réveille dans un bâtiment lugubre. Alors qu'elle plonge dans ce labyrinthe tortueux, des événements de plus en plus terrifiants se manifestent. Elle devra confronter sa peur de vieillir pour survivre en explorant cet environnement, reflet grotesque du fil de sa vie.

Aurez-vous le courage de surmonter vos peurs ? MUE vous invite dans un univers déphasé où nos plus profondes angoisses prennent vie. Ici, il n'y a qu'une chose qui peut vous sauver.

Memento Mori.


  • Kenny Auguste : Artiste de concept
  • Mael Blais : Animatrice
  • Étienne Bourdages : Artiste d'environnement
  • Benjamin Erb : Designer de niveau
  • Juliette Fortin : Designer de jeu
  • Anne-Julie Gagné : Artiste d'environnement
  • Frédérik Généreux : Artiste de personnage
  • Vincent Graciet : Artiste d'éclairage
  • Philippe Normandeau : Artiste de concept
  • Stéphanie Roberge : Artiste de matériaux et d'environnement
  • Laurence Sansregret : Artiste de personnage
  • Joshua Wilson : Artiste de personnage
  • Daphnée Émond-Préfontaine : artiste technique
  • Dave Plante Marquis : artiste VFX
  • Roxanne Ross : Artiste UI


  • Vincent Blais : Programmeur
  • Maxime Grondin-Leclerc : Programmeur
  • Francis Tremblay : Programmeur

Design sonore

  • Frédérik Généreux : Compositeur musicale et Designer sonore
  • Michael «Mitch » Lalancette : Designer sonore


  • Yannick Francillette : Professeur (DIM)
  • Dave Hawey : Professeur (NAD)
  • Magalie Sonnet-Debard : Professeure superviseure, Préproduction
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsUQAC, Benjamin.Erb
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsXbox controller




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nice game.

como jugar con teclado y mouse?

Beautiful Graphics, Great experience! 

It's a great quality...
I really like this game


Amazing looking game! Can't wait to see what more you make! 

I played your game and gotta say I loved it. Spooky, good graphics. The A.I for the monster broke a bit for me but otherwise I think this will be a great game

This graphics were so awesome. I really admire the renders you gave to this game, and the creatures were so scary. Is the paint based on a real one? I had this question since I saw it. Really loved it.

Really enjoyed this game! The graphics and music are lovely and the atmosphere really sold it.

Ótimo jogo! Graficamente muito bonito, e com uma ambientação bem interessante, peca somente na duração que é muito curta e no fato de que na parte que deveria ser mais tensa, o inimigo de quem você deve se esconder buga e tira toda a tensão do momento. 

This game is amazing! I enjoyed it, thank you!

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Dang, this is so creepy! What are your plans after graduation? are you thinking of making a full game?


Is this game without any keyboard input?Only can play with xbox?


Indeed ! It needs to be played with an XBOX or Playstation controller

wb switch pro controller?

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Is this game in English

Such a great experience! And it's gorgeous to look at! Well done devs, can't wait for more!

 this was probably the best made game this month. it had so much that i loved about it. i didnt understand the writing as it was in french but i had so much fun none the less. this is just a pro edited 5 minute reaction compilation so i hope you all enjoy! 

j'ai vraiment adoré le jeu! J'espérais juste que tu pourrais faire une version anglaise ! c'était le plus beau jeu que j'ai vu cette année et j'espère qu'une version complète sortira

Fantastic visuals, had a lot of fun playing this game.


Me encanto la ambientación del juego y el significado del final, aunque se tubo algunos bugs cuando el personaje quiere dar la persecución, todo lo demás excelente. Saludos!!

Can I play With my PlayStation controller? 

puis-je jouer avec ma manette playstation?


Yes you can ! You only need to download DS4 (a small program that allows your computer to recognize the Playstation controller). You can find it easily on Google

thank you


Wow really a great short Horrorgame with good graphic & a very nice atmosphere. Wish it would be longer, as a large game project. The visuals are creepy the controls good and its well polished. Not convinced yet? Take a peek at the gameplay:


That was actually amazing! The deep meaning behind everything, all weaved together to create a remarkable story!
Mue was visually majestic and I am hungry for more. I hope your team continues to make games because you have created something truly terrifying and beautiful at the same time.
Thank you so much!


I had to use translator, so I died - 10/10


It`s high quallity game.


I really enjoyed the game, for me the graphic, atmosphere, bgm, control is really good, but it will be nice if we can change the language to English.

I hope to see more from the developer :)


The game is an artistic wonder for the eyes! The plot is excellent and the terrifying enviroment is even more so! good work


Bravo l'équipe pour cette création si qualitative, gg à toute la team

A gorgeous, enjoyable short experience.


I absolutely love this game! So well done on many layers and I think it touches on a subject that many people struggle with! Great job by the entire team! Here is my gameplay with commentary:


link is dead since more than 24 hours.any chance to get this game?j

you need to download it from a browser like chrome. doesnt seem to work on the app


Bonjour ami, un jeu de 10 c'est très bien, je veux que tu t'abonnes à ma chaîne YouTube et que tu me soutiennes, salutations d'Espagne...

dude this should be on steam. amazing visual and atmospehere. please  keep making games! and start a patreon.

Love the visuals and the references to the Three Fates!


Impressive visuals.

It's not picking up my XBox controller for some reason. I can't play.


Impressive game and mechanics. Impressive visuals too. Great work!

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I have a sneaking suspicion that the game's plot was influenced by the life and crimes of Elizabeth Bathory, at least to a certain degree.


Game looks great!

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