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« Don't spread it » is a first person game that takes place in a shopping mall. The player needs to do his valentine day shopping and go home in a pandemic context. The game is a way to raise the player awareness to the ways of a pandemic propagation through the different propagation methods; by getting in close contact to an infected person or touching an infected object for example, and through the different safety measures like washing their hands and wearing a mask.

The game is aimed to young adults, thus the tongue and check Saint-Valentin theme, the suburban shopping mall and the intelligent phone interface. The Shopping list is always different, allowing for a replay experience. The play-by-play map at the end, can show the player, if and how he was infected. And how many other people got infected because of us.

Credits (alphabetical order)


  • Zeion-Jeremy Bernil : Modeling Characters;
  • Audran Bonnot : Programmer;
  • Marie-Pierre Brodeur : Modeling Enviro/Props;
  • Valérie Grenon-Fréchet : Game Design;
  • Johann-Hugues Lamarche : Modeling Enviro/Props;
  • Guillaume Lamontagne Morin : Programmer;
  • Mary-An Lapointe : Textures;
  • Cédric Leblanc : Textures;
  • Gabriel Ouellet : Programmer;
  • Frédérick Locas Paquette : Level Art / Lighting;
  • Gabrielle Renaud : Modeling Enviro/Props;
  • Ziyang Tan : Modeling Characters;
  • Arianne Tremblay : Programmer;
  • Charlotte Trudel : Level Art / Lighting;
  • Samuel Villagomez : Direction Audio;

Special Thanks

  • Lawrence-Alexandre Charland : Modeling;
  • Félix Marotte : Singer;
  • Catherine Morin-Laporte : FX;


  • Guillaume Côté : chargé de cours, École NAD (UQAC);
  • François-Xavier Dupas : professeur, Département de musique (Université de Montréal);
  • Yannick Francillette : professeur, Département d'informatique et de mathématique (UQAC);
  • Pierre Tousignant : professeur, École NAD (UQAC);



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